Wednesday, May 11, 2011

This postcard arrived at the Famous Hairdos P.O. Box from Chicago, Illinois. It held up to the journey somewhat better than the rendering of Loretta Lynn featured at the end of Monday's post. I love this drawing. Thanks to everyone who puts something in the mail to keep this project going.


Fleeting Pages

Monday, May 9, 2011

Famous Hairdos of Popular Music: Volume Six

I was approached about a month ago regarding an interesting project going on right now in Pittsburgh. In a recently shuttered Borders bookstore (a two-story, 24,000 sq foot behemoth), some enterprising folks have set out to fill that space with an expo for small press books for one month only. They're calling it Fleeting Pages. In their own words:

Taking over (taking back?) a space, left empty by a failed big box bookstore, for one month, starting MAY 7th, and filling it with independent & self-published work of all kinds, book arts, workshops, and events. All revolving around written self-expression.

I sent them five copies of the latest volume of The Famous Hairdos of Popular Music to sell. So if you live in Pennsylvania, you should make a trip down. But even if you can't support this rad project in person, they are also selling stuff online, on the Internet! Here's the link to their page, and here is the listing for my book. Check it out!
A new week and some new drawings for you to enjoy. As always, enormous thanks to all the drawers for contributing to this project.









A brief word is in order about the next drawing, a rendering of Loretta Lynn that arrived over the weekend at The Famous Hairdos P.O. Box by way of Chicago, Illinois.

I didn't realize that a postcard traveling from Chicago to Milwaukee had to travel through the Post Office in Hell, but that is apparently what happened. Even after some cosmetic Photoshopping, it is still evident that the trip to my P.O. Box played Rauschenberg to this artist's De Kooning, and the image I retrieved was certainly very different from the pencil drawing that had been mailed to me. All the same, I love this spooky little drawing. This is not the first time this has happened: check out this Jimmy Page from last August for one example.

I hope that the artist agrees with me that this postal iconoclasm still leaves a beautiful image, and I hope that they don't mind that I still saw fit to post it on this site. Thanks for the drawing!


Friday, May 6, 2011

Here are a couple more great drawings. Thanks to everyone who has made drawings for The Famous Hairdos of Popular Music. Here's to many more!



First Fruits

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A week ago, the fourth and newest hairdo template for The Famous Hairdos of Popular Music appeared in this spot, and here are a few great drawings that have come in already. Thanks for drawing, everyone! Let's start with some Elvii.





I have hesitated to include Glenn Danzig's hair in this project since the beginning because I was afraid that I would receive a surfeit of drawings that might be described as too "fangy". The adorable drawing below hints that maybe I needn't have worried. Shades of Melvin Monster perhaps?