Drawings From The Chicago Zine Fest, Part Four

Monday, March 28, 2011

Here are the last three drawings from the Chicago Zine Fest, and they're good ones. Thanks again, everyone. Check them out as well as the preceding posts to scope just a sample of the great outpouring of creativity that was gathered in Chicago this weekend.




Drawings From The Chicago Zine Fest, Part Three

Here is a third batch of drawings from Chicago, and I'm still not quite done scanning all of them yet. Thanks to all the drawers, The Famous Hairdos of Popular Music project is still going strong. The more people who contribute drawings, the better this gets. Thanks, everyone.








Drawings From The Chicago Zine Fest, Part Two

Here are more great drawings from Chicago, and there's still more to come! Thanks for drawing, everyone.







Drawings From The Chicago Zine Fest, Part One

As promised yesterday, here are several more of the drawings that The Famous Hairdos of Popular Music collected on Saturday at the Chicago Zine Fest. It was great meeting (however briefly) so many great people. Thanks again!

Below are the drawings. Some of the drawers even wrote messages on the backs of their postcards. Check back later for another bunch.





As far as I can tell, "A Face Like A Brick Wall" is not an actual Loretta Lynn song.








Judging by the bevy of incredible Loretta Lynn drawings, it's safe to assume that Volume Seven of The Famous Hairdos of Popular Music will be dedicated to her hairdo and to the many drawings that have been inspired by her imposing coif. Although it won't likely see print until the fall, I'm already excited. In the meantime, please check out Volume Six: Jimmy Page.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Famous Hairdos of Popular Music just got home from two days in Chicago. We sold and traded books and collected great drawings at the second annual Chicago Zine Fest, which was held on Saturday. I'll be scanning all of the drawings tomorrow and posting them here, but in the meantime I want to thank the organizers of the festival, everyone who came out, and everyone who stopped at our table. It was a great day and a great weekend. To tide you over, below is just one of the many awesome drawings we received. Yes, that is real lipstick.


Volume Six at Quimby's

Monday, March 14, 2011

Here is some wonderful news. The Famous Hairdos of Popular Music Volume Six, just like the five previous volumes, is for sale at Quimby's in Chicago! What's more, you can order it directly from them on this very Internet.

If you want to get your hands on this book, you can always order it directly from me ($3.00 postage paid to the lower 48 states, P.O. Box 11872 Milwaukee, WI 53211), but if you also want to support a rad store that has been supporting rad art for 20 years, by all means, follow the following link.

What's extra amazing is the write up on their website, written by one E.F. Here it is (I'm so flattered, that I will make it a block quote):
I gotta whole lotta love for this drawing zine. Using famous hair as the template for some physical graffiti, 30-odd artists complete pages and pages of Pages. -EF

Famous Hairdos of Popular Music: Volume Six

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Famous Hairdos of Popular Music: Volume Six

The Famous Hairdos of Popular Music
Volume Six: Jimmy Page

Volume Six features 28 drawings (twelve more than the last volume!) spread over 32 pages. Drawings by kids and drawings by adults, friends and strangers alike, and every drawing is inspired by Jimmy Page’s flowing locks. The books are photocopied, folded and staple-bound in a numbered edition of 80 books. The covers are printed on heavy, “Blu Raspberry” French Paper, made (despite the name) here in the Midwest. Each copy is mailed with four postcards for you to cherish or, better yet, draw on, mail back and keep this project going. Thanks for looking!
The price remains the same:

$3 postage paid in the contiguous US

P.O. Box 11872, Milwaukee, WI 53211

Update Nov 26, 2012: This title is now sold out! Thanks for looking.

Famous Hairdos of Popular Music: Volume Six
Famous Hairdos of Popular Music: Volume Six