Drawings From The Milwaukee Zine Fest Part 4: Madonna

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Here's the final batch of drawings collected at last Saturday's Milwaukee Zine Fest. Check out the other great drawings here, here, and here. Thanks again to the festival's organizers, everyone who attended, and everyone who made a drawing for this project.


Drawings From The Milwaukee Zine Fest Part 3: Glenn Danzig

Monday, December 12, 2011

Here is a third set of drawings from the fourth annual Milwaukee Zine Fest, which happened on Saturday. This set is comprised of drawings inspired by Glenn Danzig's hairdo. Thanks as always to the amazing drawers who keep this project going. Check out Saturday's Elvis drawings here and the Gloria Gaynor drawings here, and check back soon for some great renditions of Madonna.

Drawings From The Milwaukee Zine Fest 2011 Part 2: Gloria Gaynor

As promised, here is another batch of drawings acquired for The Famous Hairdos of Popular Music at the fourth annual Milwaukee Zine Fest, held last Saturday. You can see the first post here, featuring a recap of the event and all of the drawings inspired by Elvis' famous hairdo. Today is Gloria Gaynor's turn. Thanks as always to all the drawers, to whose creativity and generosity this project is actually dedicated. Check back soon for more drawings.

Milwaukee Zine Fest 2011 Part 1: Elvis

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Milwaukee Zine Fest 2011
Above: Outside The Polish Falcon, Milwaukee, WI, December 10, 2011

The fourth annual Milwaukee Zine Fest happened today, and I was in attendance representing Lemon o Books and The Famous Hairdos of Popular Music. With absolutely zero offense meant towards zine fests of the Chicago or Madison persuasions (which I've attended and at which I've had splendid times), this was the best festival I've tabled. And right in my backyard, too! My heart swells with pride.

So, what made this event so great? Was it the awesome crew of organizers, all the great folks who came out, all my fellow exhibitors, the bottomless cup of coffee, my gregarious table-neighbor Ben with the firm handshake, all my friends and family who came to say hello, the abundance of crazy, little kids being their crazy, little selves? Well, I'll tell you what it wasn't-- the weather! It was super cold. But all those other things, those are the things which set the day apart. When five o'clock rolled around, it was like last call after a great night out: bittersweet with a desire to keep the party going. Thanks for a great day, Milwaukee!

Below, behold some Elvis drawings that were done by festival attendees. Deep (like deep-sea-chasm-deep) thanks as always to the drawers without whom The Famous Hairdos of Popular Music project would not exist. And keep your browser glued to this spot for more drawings in the coming days.

I believe the artist of this first drawing told me it represents a bobble-head on skis.

A word of explanation about the next drawing. This one was drawn by my nephew Jonathan (age four). Here's the play by play about the guy depicted: he's making tacos, right? And he's cutting a jalepeno, but somehow he cuts both his eyes. And he has to see the doctor right away. And that's why he's frowning. I hope that clears up any confusion.

The above drawing is by Eric Bartholomew who makes a zine called Junk Drawer. He's been a welcome presence at every zine fest I've ever attended. Read more about Eric's work and travels here.

One more drawing, this one by my friend Kate. If you read this, Kate, it was good catching up.

Thanks for looking. There are more drawings coming soon. Here's looking forward to a great Milwaukee Zine Fest 2012, which should happen just before the Apocalypse doesn't.