Twin Cities Zine Fest 2012

Monday, September 24, 2012

Twin Cities Zine Fest 2012
Above: The view from the parquet, Twin Cities Zine Fest

On Saturday September 22nd, Lemon o Books made the trek from Milwaukee to Minneapolis for the Twin Cities Zine Fest, held at the Powderhorn Recreation Center in beautiful Powderhorn Park. Personally, this amazing event was also the public unveiling of the newest project from Lemon o Books: Real Fake Clouds. I had a great day, met some great folks, and traded and sold some books. I also received the great drawings below for the Famous Hairdos of Popular Music project.

Thanks to the festival's organizers, exhibitors, attendees, and thanks as always to anyone who has ever submitted a drawing. Thanks for looking! Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

Real Fake Clouds


Real Fake Clouds

The third title in Lemon o Books' Field Guide series!  Real Fake Clouds is a short booklet and two track CD. The project abstractly examines clouds, those ever-morphing agglomerations of suspended water and chemicals that travel through the sky. We tried and (by design) failed to pin down these transitory atmospheric phenomena in print and sound.

The CD features the work of Milwaukee noise duo Druome and Portland's Daniel Menche. The former offer an instrumental recreation of weather, progressing from tranquil to stormy, and the latter submitted what sounds like a lengthy field recording following a similar trajectory. Together with the accompanying booklet, these works represent different approaches to the quixotic task of representing (in ink or audio) inherently ephemeral and changeable clouds. Thanks to both Druome and Daniel Menche for their contributions.

Anyone interested in obtaining a copy of Real Fake Clouds can mail $5 well concealed cash to:

Lemon o Books
P.O. Box 11872
Milwaukee, WI 53211

Shipping costs are included in the price for anyone living in the contiguous United States. International friends should email for more information.

More photos are available at Thanks for looking!


From the Mail

Friday, September 14, 2012

Below are some incredible drawings found today in the Famous Hairdos of Popular Music P.O. Box. These Swamp Thing-looking portraits were anonymously sent from Carol Stream, IL. Thanks to the drawer for creating them and sending them in! Below each drawing, I've included the note that was written on the verso of each postcard.





Thanks as always to all past and future drawers for making this project real.