From the Mail

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Here's a wonderful drawing sent into The Famous Hairdos of Popular Music P.O. Box from Philadelphia, PA last week. Thanks to Tim from Low Level zine!


Drawings from the Chicago Zine Fest 2015

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Hello, again! Early last month Lemon o Books attended the annual meeting of the Midwest chapter of the International Tree Killers Union. Just kidding! It was the sixth annual Chicago Zine Fest, but the event was held in a beautiful, old union hall this year.

I've been lucky enough to have exhibited at this fabulous event every year, and I love the experience. You can read a comprehensive write-up of Saturday's exhibition from Broken Pencil Magazine at this link (featuring my smirking face). Thanks to all the organizers, exhibitors and attendees who make the Chicago Zine Fest possible.

Here's some fantastic drawings that some kind folks created for The Famous Hairdos of Popular Music project:

This handsome gentleman is wearing a regal cape reminiscent of Madonna's hair. The drawing was done by the incredible Trevor Grabill of Flat Mountain Press. A gentle piece of advice: Give Trevor all your money, cover your walls with his prints and fill your bookshelves with his zines.

This is Madonna's childhood cat who is rarely credited for inspiring the Material Girl's earliest popular hairdo. Drawing by Rebecca Dols.


Two sad men kindly drawn by a visitor to the fest. 💔

And finally, here's a drawing by Liz Mason of Caboose zine and Quimby's Bookstore who has been telling me for years that she doesn't draw. This lovely rendition of Glenn Danzig suggests otherwise! Heartfelt thanks go out to Liz and all the other drawers for these wonderful post cards. You all truly make The Famous Hairdos of Popular Music possible.

Anyone interested in acquiring Lemon o Books' sundry paper souvenirs can see our catalog here and read ordering instructions here. Have a wonderful summer, Internet!

New Hairs

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Here is a fabulous new drawing submitted to the Famous Hairdos of Popular Music by Erin, a talented and busy artist who took the time to craft this great picture of Madonna. Thank you to Erin!

And thanks as always to all past and future drawers. The Famous Hairdos of Popular Music project would not exist without you.