Famous Hairdos of Popular Music: Volume Eight

Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Famous Hairdos of Popular Music- Volume 8

The Famous Hairdos of Popular Music
Volume Eight: Elvis Presley

Since 2008, The Famous Hairdos of Popular Music project has collected drawings from hundreds of individuals-- friends and strangers, children and adults, with the simple idea of celebrating the creativity of average people inscribing their personal visions on icons of celebrity culture.

Followers of this blog know that almost all of these incredible submissions can be found right here, but many of these drawings are also collected into small booklets. I strive to make these books as beautiful as possible, and I think this newest publication, dedicated to drawings inspired by Elvis Presley, is the most beautiful yet. This is the eighth collection of drawings, disguised as a celebration of Elvis’s hair, but this book, and every volume before it, is about the many people who drew.

More images and information, including how to obtain a copy, can be found here. Thanks for looking, and thanks as always to the many drawers who have made this project a reality.